Latest 2016 Home Renovation Tips and Trends!

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Doing a home renovation for profit looks easy enough on a renovation TV show but in reality, it is often more challenging. Good research, planning and selecting the right local tradies to work with remain extremely crucial.

We have compiled some tips from local experts on how you can renovate your home for more value in 2016 based on latest trends.  Source: Domain article

Privacy vs Open Plan

Open-plan living remains a key trend and feature most home buyers look for. But experts add that there are some who leave the renovation far too open without having any definition.

You can have the second lounge connect or open to the rest of the house to achieve this.

Your interior designer and builder can help you create an interior living space that can transform into an open-plan area but can also be strategically planned for spaces of privacy.

Get some insights from your target market in your area including the percentage of buyers preferring open-plan areas versus private ones.

Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Having a good outdoor space can be enticing to many buyers and add incredible value to your home. You should try to create the feel that your outside space is just an alternative shelter to relax into. A professional landscape designer can help you install the right features and design the area to make it look more enticing.

There are many buyers that demand courtyards simply because they can function as the home’s extension. Add some shrubs, trees or plants to make a great impression.

Define Spaces

In 2016, it will all be about “re-defining” smaller spaces part of larger spaces to boost property value. You can install a pergola over a big grass area to transform it into an entertaining space. Build in some barbecue grill for added value. Simply re-defining parts of your house can make a big difference.

Find Builders and Other Tradesmen for your Home Improvements

If you are looking for good tradesmen or builders to help with your home improvements, why not let our free Tradebusters tradesmen concierge assist you. Tell us about your renovation needs and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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