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Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Transforming your kitchen successfully

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house. Often, you will find people gathering in it engaging in lively talks as they cook and indulge in good food. As it one of the most hardworking spaces in your home, investing on a good kitchen is well worth it. If you are planning for a kitchen renovation, here is a quick guide on mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Do not forget the countertops when planning your kitchen renovation

One of the biggest mistakes and complaints that homeowners realise is the lack of countertops. Countertops are ideal workspace. Make sure you have enough for your needs. More importantly, people often forget that decoration or design is possible even with functionality. You do not have to sacrifice the one for the other. The amount of space and number of countertops you need depend on how you often in the kitchen – up to what extent you will use it. Think of the traffic flow in your kitchen.

  1. The golden triangle layout.

Many homeowners still forget the golden triangle layout when fixing their kitchen. The kitchen triangle connects three regions with the most activity: refrigerator, stove and sink. Keep in mind that there should be unobstructed access going to and from these regions. From the three, the sink will be the busiest therefore it should be located where you can access the refrigerator and stove easily as well. Avoid inconvenient door swings, islands and narrow isles that cut direct access.

  1. Not enough room storage in the kitchen.

The kitchen contains many things. However, many homeowners tend to settle for built-in kitchen cabinet doors hiding even the most used kitchen utensils/appliances. Although cabinets are alright, make sure you store those components used often in more easily accessible storage spaces. Plan your storage spaces properly. Think which components and areas should have built-in cabinets and which ones ought to have otherwise. Be sure to hire an expert cabinet maker.

  1. Installing the wrong kitchen island

A kitchen island is useful for additional work and storage space. However, installing the wrong kind may only limit your kitchen’s functionality. Access is always a priority. If you are planning on putting an island, perhaps add the sink to it so that activities are concentrated in one area and you do not have to move around a lot.

  1. Hiring the wrong tradesmen for your kitchen renovation.

As much as fully aware you are on the kitchen design principles, most renovation projects go down the drain if the wrong tradesmen are hired. Make sure you find the right kitchen cabinet maker, builder, carpenter, electrician and plumbers for your project. Ask them about their previous experience and work portfolio. Checking out their past jobs will tell you if they are right for the job. Also best to hire professionals part of a professional listing like Tradebusters or Tradebusters Connect. These service providers have all been vetted and can demonstrate a proven track record for your peace of mind.

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