Electrician Inner West – Safety Requirements You Should Be Aware Of

When it becomes apparent you need to find the most dependable electrician Sydney’s Inner West has to offer, you will have several questions. There is nothing wrong with ensuring the local Sydney electrician you hire is qualified before you let them in your home to work on your electrical. Making sure to ask them questions about their licences and insurance are key, along with fully understanding the quote they provide you.

Your selected Inner West Sydney electrician should be able to answer any and all queries that you have, as well as offer some advice of their own on what you can do in order to make your home safe when electricity is involved.

Here are some very important safety points to keep in mind:

  • Never do electrical work yourself – leave it to the professionals.
  • Never use appliances near standing or running water.
  • Never trim branches that are covering power lines.
  • Never fix appliances – leave that to the professionals.
  • Never overload power strips and power cords.
  • Always use safety plugs in unused outlets.

Let us emphasise once more how important it is to never attempt your own electrical repairs. You can actually be in a great deal of trouble if you do. That trouble may very well include a hefty fine. When it comes to your home there are many things deemed illegal if performed yourself, and installing fixed wire electrical appliances or any electrical accessories is one of them.

You can request your local electric company to perform an electrical assessment of your home. In this assessment a licensed professional will point out and make a log of the inefficient areas associated with your electrical needs and requirements. This list can then be used in to hire the electrical tradesman of your choice.

One of the most important points to remember when having an electrician replace any switches is to make sure they use safety switches. Safety switches are by far superior to any other. They are very inexpensive and could very well save your life one day. What makes them such a good choice is that they are designed to shut themselves off when they are on the verge of becoming faulty, or are used in conjunction with appliances that are faulty. In fact, safety switches are now mandatory in all new home builds.

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