Builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney – Tips for Estimating Building Costs

The planning phase of building

Whether you are planning to build a whole new home, renovate an old home, or add a house extension to your existing home, planning is the first phase of the process. Before you even consider what builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney services you want to hire, it’s essential that you know what it will entail and calculate the approximate cost of your project. We have done some research and talked with people who have built before to help you in your effort to calculate your building expenses so you will know how to budget your money.

Estimating considerations

A number of elements in the building process will influence how much a project will cost. The primary elements that should be used for estimating building costs include the following:

  • Size of the job
  • Project location
  • Cost of materials
  • Quality of the construction
  • The reason for the project (bathroom extension, bedroom extension, garage construction, room addition, etc…)
  • Conveyance, site surveys, and other types of documentation required to get council approval
  • Builder’s quotes (some quotes will be higher than others)
  • Landscape of the site (i.e. it’s easier to build on flat ground than on a slope)

These are elements that must be considered by individuals before comparing builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney companies for their project. It’s up to you to decide where you want to cut costs when your estimation is above what you expect.

Understanding project variations and costs

Now that you have the elements to consider in the planning phase of building, you need a better understanding some of the specific elements that influence building costs.

  • Large projects often cost less per square metre than smaller ones.
  • A level block construction will cost about 20 percent less than building on a steep block.
  • Building a structure on a sloping block can cost around 10 percent (more or less) more than building on a level block.
  • Luxury building materials will cost around 20 percent more than conventional standard materials
  • Basic building materials commonly cost a minimum of 20 percent less than standard materials.
  • Damp areas like the kitchen and bath will cost more due to the need to waterproof and deal with extraneous plumbing.

Always explore these variations  when you are researching building costs. Remember to ask recommended builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney companies about price variations like these when you are getting quotes. You can use the quotes to compare costs and determine what you actually want and what you can live without.

Remember it’s only a guesstimate on your part

As an individual, you can research, compare costs, and get a lot of valuable information when you are calculating the costs of a house extension, home building project, room extension, or renovation. However, you must keep in mind that you can only guess, or make your own “guesstimate” on the project. That’s where getting quotes from local builders Eastern Suburbs Sydney companies makes calculating costs more efficient.

Something else to keep in mind is that even a quote can be a little more or less than what a builder provides. Things can happen that drive the cost up in some cases, so be aware of that. On the other hand, the actual price should not be a lot higher than the quote unless major problems arise and your builder discusses it with you first. This is your project and you are in charge of what the builder does and what they don’t do. Use your calculations and builders’ quotes to decide where you want to cut costs and where you want the invest more in your project.

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