5 Ways GeoOp Helps Tradies with Job Management

Managing Your Trade Business With The Right Tools!

Workplace management software company GeoOp claimed the top award during the 2015 AUT Excellence in Business Support Awards in Auckland. The company won the award for providing support to businesses with less than $5 million turnover through its cloud technology.

The award is also proof of GeoOp’s expertise in planning and leadership. It has continued to provide excellent business support and reliable improvements and evaluation processes that are delivering results.

For trade businesses owners like electricians and plumbers that have a team out on the road, GeoOp can be a great support tool for your business in managing jobs.

Here are are five ways GeoOp can help your trade business.

  1. Real-time Schedule

The software features a Scheduler where you can drag and drop tasks/schedules to assign to your team members. You can also reschedule very easily changing the day and time of customer appointments. What makes it easier is that employees can access their schedule on their device as well as their colleagues.

  1. Job Status

The software updates the job as tasks progress. Managers and employees can see whether a job is on hold, in progress or travelling to site. You can have on one-stop overview of all of your jobs from a simple click. Very handy especially if you have a large team across the state!

  1. GPS Tracking

Employees or teams can “check in” manually. Managers can also automatically track groups to allow people to concentrate more on work and better optimise resources.

  1. Maps and Directions

Ensure jobs are completed on-time and as quickly as possible. GeoOP integrates Navman, Google Maps and TomTom among others to ensure management of jobs by location becomes easier.

  1. Lightens Business Workload

You can concentrate on other parts of your business because GeoOP manages everything at the palm of your hand. You can have complete visibility on your cash flow, customers, staff and jobs. Other features include:

  •         parts and materials complete with associated prices and costs
  •         real time job sheets
  •         instant quotes
  •         photo and audio
  •         recurring jobs
  •         invoicing

For more information, visit GeoOp right here.

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