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5 Tips When Building A New House

Building The Home of Your Dreams!

Building a new house could be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. However, so long as you know the right steps then it can also be just as enjoying and fulfilling.

Here are five ideas and tips when planning on building a house.

  1. Have a creative board

Pinning all ideas into one place can help you provide a reference point on what to do with your house. It will also be easier to talk to your builder and designer if you have examples or actual designs of what you would like done.

If you don’t have time then an online board like Pinterest should be helpful.

  1. Clarify with the builder what changes you can make

This will come in handy if something goes wrong along the way or you change your mind.

Have the discussion upfront with your builder and be clear on what can and can’t be changed as well as associated cost changes.

  1. Create a list of essential must-haves

Unless you have a huge budget then you should prioritise the items and features that you consider to be an essential must for your project.

For example, is it:

  • An extra bedroom
  • More storage
  • A larger living space
  • A fresher and more modern kitchen or bathroom
  • An extension of the outdoor area
  • Changing the flooring
  • Repainting the house
  1. Do not rush- always plan

Rushing your project could lead to problems and regrets.

Spend the time upfront and be clear on the design and cost elements.

Arrange your tradies and builder carefully. Take the time to get to know them so that you feel confident with your selection.

  1. Always have backup cash

You never know when something can go wrong when building a house.

It is best to save some money aside from your intended budget to make sure you have that extra contingency fund, if needed

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